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Lock Repair and Replacements

Do you need new door locks installed on your home, we are qualified to install most residential exterior/interior locks. We can install electronic locks, and assist customer in syncing locks with home network if needed.


Should I replace my locks?

  • New House Move In
  • Stolen or Lost Keys
  • Rental Property Key Management

We can install most major brands.

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Frequent Questions


Why am I having trouble inserting my key.

The lock is clogged with dirt and grit, the lock may need lubrication. Another problem is that new keys may have burrs on them causing the lock parts to bind.

WD-40 is NOT your locks friend, it may work for a short time but will eventually clog the lock with dirt. Only use a Greaseless lubricant.  


Do I need a new window lock if it seems loose?

You might need a new window lock or the mounting hardware may need attention. 


Why do I have to lift my door when locking.

This is due to a door alignment problem, usually the door hinges need to be tightened or longer screws inserted.


Why is my knob loose and shaky?

Door locks will need their mounting screws tightened every now and again. The daily use of the door lock causes slight vibrations to slowly loosen the screws over time.


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