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Siding Repair and Installations

If you have old damaged siding, or maybe even missing siding, we can help. Damaged siding can lead to unwanted guest (wildlife) access to your attic or walls. Veterans Home Repair can install most siding types. Some siding types will retain moisture which can lead to mold and fungus growth/damage. Schedule an inspection today.

Siding Repair

Even if you have a single piece of siding missing, we can help. Leaving siding missing or not properly secured can seriously damage your home that could cost you thousands in the end. Usually wind and weather along with age will cause your siding to start to break or become exposed.   

Siding Installation

A new siding install will change the overall look of your home. We install siding in accordance with the manufacture recommendations to help maintain the material warranty of the product you choose. Whether you want to have new fiber cement siding or vinyl siding, Veterans Home Repair can help.  


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